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5 big mistakes Googles head of HR sees on resumes

5 serious mix-ups Googles head of HR sees on resumes It’s a genuine axiom throughout everyday life: We regularly gain best from botches both our slip-ups and those that others have made. People are animals of â€Å"trial and error†-we courageously face challenges and evaluate new things. Once in a while we meet achievement; different occasions we hit surprising snags and discover disappointment. This inclination to commit errors impacts all features of life-including our quest for a new position. Talk with any HR proficient or recruiting administrator and inquire as to whether they have any accounts of people who have totally bumbled the chance to find another line of work, and chances are you’ll hear a lot of them. Some are entertaining, others odd, and some will be out and out pitiful yet they’ll all share something for all intents and purpose the individual likely settled on a terrible decision or fail to accomplish something they ought to have, and it ended up destroying their odds for success.The lament able truth is that a few people commit errors at the earliest reference point of the quest for new employment on their resumes-and remove themselves from dispute before beginning. It happens more than you understand, and in incalculable ways!In actuality, continue indiscretions are such an unavoidable issue, that Laszlo Bock, previous Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, composed a LinkedIn article about it, entitled â€Å"The Biggest Mistakes I see on Resumes and How to Correct Them.† Bock assesses that he’s by and by inspected more than 20,000 resumes, so he surely recognizes what he’s talking about.Let’s investigate what he says are five of the greatest mix-ups that he’s seen on resumes so you can maintain a strategic distance from them on your activity hunt.1. Awful formattingWhen it comes to stupid resume arranging Bock has seen everything, from uncontrollably â€Å"creative† plans and freakish text styles to sprinkles of shading and insane edges, all done with an end goal to attempt to stand apart from different continues and catch the reader’s eye. Lamentably what you may procure in eye catching could cost you in another key territory viably, unmistakably, and expertly passing on your experience, understanding, and expertise set.Artistic extravagant accessories just don’t take a shot at resumes. A spotless, clear, and expert looking report is the thing that works best. In the event that you need to be paid attention to in the activity advertise, spare the innovativeness for your next expressions and specialties project.2. Imprudent typosIt’s a genuine disgrace that such an avoidable issue like resume grammatical mistakes is such an inescapable issue, however Bock reports that a shockingly high level of the resumes he’s checked on, for positions at all levels, contain bothersome errors. What's more, good karma being paid attention to during the activity employing proce ss if the early introduction you make is somebody who can’t be tried to invest the additional push to get such a significant record right. Mistakes are total resume executioners, so be totally certain that yours is sans blunder and fit as a fiddle before sending it out.3. Unnecessary lengthThis is a trickier issue, on the grounds that the more drawn out you’re in the activity showcase the more things you’ll need to state about yourself. Notwithstanding in the event that your archive peruses progressively like a novel, at that point a resume, odds are it’ll either get disregarded or bypassed and key parts will get ignored. Bock has an incredible dependable guideline for continue length-1 page for like clockwork of experience. Give a valiant effort to adhere to this rule, and recall that you’ll have a chance to say all the more regarding yourself on interviews-in the event that you make it that far.4. Releasing classified informationThis doesnâ€℠¢t happen all the time, however when it does it raises enormous warnings. In the event that you’ve worked with an organization that handles delicate data or have had occupations with which you’ve had secrecy understandings, be cautious about what you put on your resume. On the off chance that you go too far and the recruiting administrator makes sense of it, your odds of moving to the following phase of the employing procedure are thin to none.5. LiesHopefully this one’s self-evident! In spite of what you may have heard, there are no such things as â€Å"good lies† with regards to your resume. In the event that you get discovered creation something up on your resume, there’s simply no real way to clarify it away or conceal for it. Your odds of finding a new line of work with a resume based on lies-regardless of how little or immaterial are adequately devastated. Regardless of whether you end up landing the position, if your falsehood is made sense of at some point later you could even lose your employment. Main concern lying is simply not a decent method to look for your next job.There you have it: Five of the greatest resume botches as per a genuine industry veteran and insider. Ensure you’re not submitting any of these indiscretions before you convey your next resume, and you’ll be out in front of the activity chasing swarm.

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Trouble Brews at Starbucks Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Inconvenience Brews at Starbucks - Case Study Example Be that as it may, in 2007, inconvenience started when the organization execution started to decrease. It detailed a decrease in the quantity of client visits in the United States prompting a 50 percent drop in share value (Pride, Hughes and Kapoor 45). In two quarters development stayed level and declined in the final quarter. This prompted rehiring of Howard Schultz, who was seen as a visionary chief. This was done on the reason for reestablishing Starbuck’s head brand. To this end, this paper breaks down this organization to see how it can recapture its previous status. In the business, the degree of rivalry is high. A portion of the significant contenders for this organization incorporate the Tully’s espresso, Caribou Coffee and Gloria Jean’s. In spite of the fact that, there are a high number of contenders, the industry is ruled by the referenced contenders. In Starbucks case, there are new passages and different firms in the market. The company’s new contender is McDonalds’ â€Å"McCafe†. Contenders are probably going to enter this industry on the grounds that the startup cost is low. McDonald can make its particular item that will assist it with tapping in the espresso showcase. A store that can effectively enter the market can possibly make benefits. Luckily, the company’s area restrains new contestants. Additionally, the presence of separated brands empowers the organization to build the exchanging costs for clients. For Starbuck, the sheer scale has diminished the purchasers haggling power (Romney n.pag.). There is no single gathering that impacts the acquisition of the company’s items in huge amounts. Additionally, there are various choices because of a high number of contenders. Also, the items that can substitute espresso are in of an assortment. This danger is high for the organization. The acquisition of packaged espresso is viewed as reasonable as opposed to deciding on the company’s cup espresso. There are additionally items that can be utilized rather than espresso. They

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How to Relieve Job Stress After Work

How to Relieve Job Stress After Work Stress Management Job Stress Print How to Relieve Job Stress After Work Heres How to Keep Job Stress Out of Your Home Life By Elizabeth Scott, MS twitter Elizabeth Scott, MS, is a wellness coach specializing in stress management and quality of life, and the author of 8 Keys to Stress Management. Learn about our editorial policy Elizabeth Scott, MS Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on July 11, 2017 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on May 06, 2019 Jovo Jovanovic / Stocksy United More in Stress Management Job Stress Workplace Bullying Effects on Health Management Techniques Situational Stress Household Stress Relationship Stress Many of us take our jobs home with us without realizing it. Work may be stressful, but when were supposed to be relaxingâ€"from the minute we walk out of the office until the next morning when we come backâ€"we often let job stress seep in instead of making the most of our non-work lives. There are many reasons we do this, but there are more important reasons why we can and should learn to stop. Read on to gain a greater understanding of how smart people unwittingly magnify job stress, and how you can leave work  at work  as much as you possibly can. This can decrease your stress levels and increase your overall happiness. How We Take Work Home We Think About It During Our Commute:  The drive home from work could be a time to enjoy the freedom of being off the clock, or it can be a time to ruminate about the stresses of the day, replay frustrations in your mind, and think about everything thats weighing on your shoulders as you battle road rage until you reach home. All too often, people choose the latter option when the formerâ€"letting the drive home be a  freeing experienceâ€"is so much more beneficial. The problem is that this can magnify stress levels so that they are even higher after the commute home than they were at the end of the workday. If this sounds like you, now is the time to take the reigns and make your commute a time to shrug off the stress of the day. In the coming week, try to really notice your thoughts and habits as you drive home if youre not already aware of them. We Vent About Job Stress to Our Loved Ones:  Complaining about work to a loved one is a common pastime of people with stressful jobs. It feels good at the moment but may take a toll over time. While keeping feelings bottled up isnt an optimal answer, when we spend what could be quality time with loved ones focused on all the stresses of the day, we lose more of our day to job stress. Clearly, the less time we can spend complaining about work, the more time well have focused on things that make us happy. This week, try to notice how much time you spend complaining about work and see if this is the right amount of time for you. We Ruminate About Difficult Co-Workers:  Its very natural to seek emotional support when dealing with difficult co-workers. However, as with job stress venting in general, focusing too much on the stress created by difficult co-workers can rob us of the joy of our non-work lives. If you find yourself spending non-work hours obsessing over, replaying, or even thinking about the stress that your co-workers bring to your work life, its time to assess if this is the best way to spend your time and decide how to stop if you need to. We Worry About Work Instead of Relaxing:  If you face a heavy load of stress on the job or have the kind of job that requires significant troubleshooting, it can be difficult to shut off the brainstorming part of your brain when you leave work. (This is particularly true for those who work from home.) And if finding solutions is fun for you and it doesnt cut into your personal life too much, it may not be a problem; it may be more of a hobby to think of new ideas for your work, especially if your work feels more like a calling to you, and not just a job. However, if you find yourself stressing or ruminating over problems at work, its best to leave that burden at work. (Dont worry, itll be there when you get back.) We Beat Ourselves Up Over ThisIf all of this is sounding a little too familiar, dont let it stress you. Its fairly common to stress about work when youre not at work, so dont blame yourself. Focus instead on how to shrug off stress and enjoy your life when youre not at work. How To Leave Job Stress At Work Tie Up Loose Ends Before You Leave:  One of the first and best ways you can leave job stress on the job is to prepare yourself before you leave. To cut down on after-hours troubleshooting, prepare a to-do list for yourself when you get back the next day. This can allow you to come in and feel focused, and it can allow you to leave and feel that things are taken care of as much as they can be until tomorrow. If you are prone to stressing about unsolved problems when you get home, you may even take it a step further and create a list of possible solutions to any issues you think may follow you home; then you can remind yourself youve thought about it as much as you can, and now you need to take your mind off of things and sleep on it. Things will be clearer when you get to work again tomorrow. Knowing this can help you to leave things there. Create a Post-Work Ritual:  Just as it helps children relax and go to sleep when they have a bedtime ritual, having a post-work ritual is a great way to help yourself unwind after a stressful day of work. Even better, it can be a way to create a mental habit of relaxing your mind and letting go of job stress after a long day of work. Your routine may consist of something simple like taking a deep, cleansing breath as you walk out and intentionally reminding yourself that you have now left work both physically and mentally. (One martial arts master recommends taking a deep cleansing breath, shaking out your limbs, and mentally leaving your burdens at the door.) It can involve mentally going over what youre looking forward to in the rest of your evening, or texting a loved one and refocusing your attention to your life. Experiment and see what suits you best. Whatever works for you, make it a habit and keep doing it. Enjoy Your Commute Home:  The ride home from work can be stressful if you keep replaying the stresses of the day, or letting traffic stress you out even more. With some planning, you can make your commute home into an experience you look forward to rather than another obstacle to overcome before you can relax. One way to maximize your commute time is to listen to audiobooks, either fiction (for fun) or nonfiction in an area where youd like to grow. Listening to music is also a known strategy for stress relief, and a simple one to do while sitting in an enclosed space. Mentally counting everything you have to be grateful for can not only make the time pass but can get you into a more positive frame of mind, and prime you to appreciate your loved ones more when you get home to them. What to Do When You Get  Home Create a Soothing Home Environment for Yourself:  Because we spend so much of our non-work hours at home, its important to have a home environment that soothes your stress rather than one that leaves you feeling more stressed and tired than it should. Because clutter has a subtle but very real effect on our stress levels, it pays to declutter as regularly as possible. Here are some other important strategies for creating a relaxing home environment. If your home is a haven from stress, its easier to let job stress melt away once you get there. Treat Yourself:  Think about those little treats in life that put a smile on your face, and get more of them into your day. These little happiness-boosters, known as pleasures by psychologists, can lift your mood in a measurable way and reduce stress in the process. It can be a cup of tea, your favorite comedy, a long walk with a loved one, a soothing bath, or anything else that brings you a bit of joy. Try to mix them up so they have a bit of newness to them and youll enjoy them even more. You deserve it. Cultivate Mindfulness:  Research shows that those who have a mindful perspective are more able to focus on the present moment and turn their focus away from the stress of the past or anxiety over the future. This translates into a greater ability to let job stress stay at work and enjoy the time you have each evening and weekend to simply enjoy life. Practicing mindfulness exercises can increase your ability to maintain this present moment perspective, so they are highly recommended for relieving post-job stress as well as for building resilience to stress in general. Enlist Support:  If you need to talk about the things that stress you at work before you can let go of them, it helps to have a supportive person who will listen and help you to let go of the stress. (Depending on what helps you the most, this could be someone who validates your feelings and helps you to refocus, who helps you to brainstorm and troubleshoot, or who lets you vent and turn your frustrations into laughter.) Enlisting support can also entail having someone to gently remind you to refocus your thoughts and energy if you start getting bogged down by stressful thoughts of work. Ultimately, if youre feeling overwhelmed by job stress, enlisting help can mean talking to your doctor about stress or finding a good therapist who can help you to come up with coping strategies that work or a new plan. Make Your Non-Work Time Count:  Finally, one of the most fun and effective ways to leave job stress on the job is to really focus on making the rest of your life something worthy of your attention and engaging enough to take your mind off of stress if you need it to. This means creating enough balance in your life to include leisure time and hobbies. It means cultivating healthy relationships to help you feel fulfilled and take your mind off of stress. It means creating healthy habits to relieve stress, as well as setting goals that excite you and going for them. Or sometimes it can simply mean enjoying the present moment, whatever you happen to be doing at that moment.

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Questions On Cloud Computing Architectures - 1488 Words

2 . Cloud Computing Architectures 2.1 Cloud Software-as-a-Service: The software as service architecture gives access to a software infrastructure, which is remotely accessed via the web, based services. In this infrastructure, it is important to note that the service provider is responsible for managing the infrastructure. This architecture allows companies to get the business functionality of software by incurring a minimal cost, which is less than paying for the licensed applications. It follows the pay as you go, model. Software-as-a-Service eliminates all possibilities for organizations to handle the installation, set-up, daily preservation and maintenance. 2.2 Cloud platform as a service: This is also commonly known as the Paas†¦show more content†¦This cloud architecture allows the cloud provider to create a computing platform that consist of components such as hardware, servers, routers, storage, and other networking modules. The model follows the pay as you model where each user takes the services offered and pays for what they use or consume. Users can deploy and run any software, which comprise Operation Systems, applications. The cloud provider is responsible for managing the core cloud infrastructure for which users deployed applications or operating environment. Examples of this cloud computing model include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) which is an Iaas model that facilitates scalable compute volume, on-demand, in the cloud. It actually allows users make use of a plethora of Amazon s infrastructure with no up-front investments. Amazon EC2 decreases the clock needed to get hold of and boot latest server ins tances and permit users to immediately scale space – equally up and down as their computing needs vary. 3. Limitation of Cloud Computing 3.1 Data Management The shift of computer processing, storage, and software delivery away from the desktop and local servers, across the Internet, and into next- generation data centers results in limitations as well as new opportunities regarding data management. Data is replicated across large geographic distances, where its availability and durability are paramount for cloud service providers. It s also stored at untrusted

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Theoretical Background of Lending System Free Essays

There Is a meticulous proverb about the bank’s lending -â€Å"If you owe the bank take problem. † To be frank, lending to the businesses, governments, and Individuals Is one of the most Important services banks and their closest competitors provide, and It Is the riskier. The principal reason banks and many competitor lenders are issued charter of incorporation by government is to make loans to their customers. We will write a custom essay sample on Theoretical Background of Lending System or any similar topic only for you Order Now Banks, thrift institutions, and other chartered lenders are expected to support their local immunities with an adequate supply of credit for all legitimate business and consumer financial needs and to price that credit reasonably in line with competitively determined market interest rate. Indeed, making loans to fund consumptions and Investment spending Is the principal economic function of banks and their closest competitors. How well a lender performs In fulfilling the lending function has a great deal to do with the economic health of Its region, because loan support the growth of new business and Jobs wealth the lender’s trade territory. Despite all the benefits of lending for both the institutions that makes loan and for their customer, the lending process bears careful internal and external monitoring at all the times. When a bank or other lender gets into serious financial trouble, its problems usually spring from loans that have become unconvertible due to mismanagement, illegal manipulation, misguided landing policies or an unexpected economic downturn. No wonder, then, that when examiners appear at a bank or other regulated lending Institution they conduct a thorough review of its loan portfolio. Usually this Involves detailed analysis of the documents and collateral for the largest loan, a review of a sample of small loans, and an evaluation of loan polices to ensure their sound and prudent In order to protect the public funds. 1. 2 Background of National Credit Commerce Bank Ltd (UNCLE) National Credit and Commerce bank Limited bears a unique history of its own. The organization started its Journey in the financial sector of the country as an investment company back in 1985. The aim of the company was to mobile resources from within and invest them n such way so as to develop country’s Industrial and Trade Sector and playing a catalyst role In the formation of capital market as well. Its membership with the bourse helped the company to a great extent In this regard. The company operated up to 1992 with 16 branches and thereafter with the permission of the Central Bank converted In to a full-fledged scheduled private commercial bank In May 1993 with paid up capital TX. 39. 00 core to serve the nation from a broader platform. During providing sincere personalized service to its customers in a technology-based environment. The Bank has set up a new standard in financing in the Industrial, Trade and Foreign Exchange business. Its various deposit and credit products have also attracted the clients-both corporate and individuals who feel comfort in doing business with the Bank. The initial authorized capital of the Bank was TX. 75. 00 core and, paid-up capital TX. 19. 50, core at the time of conversion, which is now raised, to TX. 9. 00 cores. The present authorized capital is TX. 250. 00 core and paid up capital is TX. 60. 78 core. The sponsors of the new bank consisted of 26 (Twenty six) Members, who comprised the iris Board of Directors. The share price of the bank is currently being quoted at both Dacha and Chitchatting Bourse at an average price of TX. 320/- against per value of TX. 100/-. NC Bank based upon its commendable business performance for the year ended 2004, has meanwhile declared stock divide nd at the rate of 30%. The Bank which started with 16 branches in 1993, has at present 41 (forty one) branches and 03 (three) Booths located in prime commercial areas of Dacha, Chitchatting, Sylphs, Fine, Chula, Josser and Ranging District Headquarters, out of which as many as 17 seventeen) are Authorized Dealer Branches, fully equipped for dealing in direct foreign exchange businesses. 1. 3 Scope of the Report This report has been prepared through extensive discussion with my colleagues and with the clients. While preparing this report, I had a great opportunity to have an in depth knowledge of all the banking activities practiced by the NC Bank limited. It also helped me to acquire a first-hand perspective of a leading private bank in Bangladesh. This report covers overall areas of UNCLE. It can be grouped into the allowing sections: Origin and historical background of UNCLE. Theoretical description about the products and services, general banking activities and departments of the bank. Analysis of the performance of UNCLE through some ratios. 1. 4 Objectives of the Report Primary Objectives The primary objectives of the report are to orient the real life nature of the bank and to measure the Job satisfaction of the staffs of the NC Bank Ltd, Mailbags branch, Dacha. Secondary Objectives To measure the level of Job satisfaction of employees with respect to the company. To understand the components that trigger Job satisfaction of the staffs. To know the reasons behind the Job dissatisfaction of the employees from the findings. To Judge the level of Job satisfaction of employees on various parameters: Working Conditions Rewards and other benefits Relationship with employees of company Job Security 1. 5 Methodology This report is made based on my theoretical and practical knowledge and as project report. National Credit Bank Limited is one of the well-known private commercial bank in Bangladesh. Its public reporting system is appreciable. Data are well managed. This arrangement is logical that helps easy application of analytical tool. Two sources are used to collecting data. These are: Primary Source Secondary Source Primary Source: Face to face conversation with the bank officers and staffs Study of different files of different section of the bank. Un-official discussion with bank official. Secondary Sources: Annual report of NC Bank limited (2009-2013). Website. Literature summery. 1. 6 Limitations of the Study 1. Data Insufficiency 3. Lack of Updated Information. 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Marketing Strategy of Red Bull Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Strategy of Red Bull. Answer: Introduction Red Bull is an energy drink which is sold by an Austrian company and it has the highest amount of market share in energy drink. Themarketing strategy of Red Bull includes multiple sports team ownership. It has created brand awareness among the customers in a short span of time. This paper will highlight the marketing strategy of Red Bull. Various literatures will also be analyzed in the paper related to the marketing strategy. The food safety authority of European country has approved that Red Bull contains adequate amount of caffeine and it safe for consumption. Red bull has also positioned itself as a premium drink and the product has expanded internationally in different markets within a short span of time. The company has also carried out international market campaign and it has targeted the youth and the sportsmen (Miles?Chan et al. 2015). Literature Review According to Buchanan and Yeatman (2017), the digital marketing strategy has enhanced the interest of the young adults in the consumption of energy drink. This has led to the increase in the weight gain and the various communicable diseases in youths as well as adults. It has also been found that the advertisements in the social media sites or other modes of digital advertisement have attracted the youths and thus the consumption of Red Bull is high among the children. Although, Red Bull is categorized as a non-alcoholic beverage, but it contains small proportion of caffeine which increases the mental alertness and thus helps as an energy booster. Bustin et al. (2015) has opined that the brand name of the drink has attracted the customers and this has affected the personality traits. The subliminal advertisement has increased the sensitivity of the people and the various dispositional factors laid potentiating effect. The various situational factors also increase the sensitivity of t he people to subliminal advertising and the messages are more effective for the people who are craving for the drink. The personality atrits of the individuals are closely associated with consumer choice. There is some sensation which is associated with the preference for this kind of energy drink such as Red Bull. The situational factors such as thirst increases peoples sensitivity for the subliminally refreshed drink. Freeman et al. (2014) has predicted that the face book pages are used as a marketing feature to increase customers engagement and interaction. The apps developed by Face book allow the customer to place the orders directly through face book. The youth and the adolescent are mainly found to be engaged with the app and they are the targeted market of Red Bull. This has also helped Red Bull to capitalize the users on the social networks and they can reach the marketing messages to the people. According to Wen et al. (2014), e-commerce marketing has helped Red Bull in th e expansion of its business. Red Bull is a functional beverage and it has established solid fans foundation. With the rapid development of the social media sites such as Facebook. Red Bull has set up its own home page on Facebook. It has also set up an interesting and powerful call to action in its website and thus it becomes difficult for the users to escape when they visit the home page of Red Bull for the first time. The users can also choose the application which is fit for them according to their convenience after visiting the home page of Red Bull. Methodology The methodology helps in discussing the processes and methods which are to be followed to meet the research objectives. In this case, quantitative data will be used to find out which type of marketing strategy is adopted by Red Bull. Moreover, secondary data will be collected from the annual report of the company. The various marketing strategies which are adopted by the company will also be discussed in detail. The data will be analyzed using different types of statistical tools like SPSS and thus it will help to meet the research objectives. Moreover, the research will be based on ethical approach and it will ensure reliability and validity. The work will not be plagiarized and the data gathered from the secondary source will not be manipulated. Thus, it will help to meet the research objectives (Bryman and Bell 2015). Marketing Strategies The marketing strategy of any company is drawn from the market research and it focuses on the product mix so as to maximize its profitability and sustainability of the business. Red Bull has used various marketing strategies such as word-of-mouth, event sponsorship, point-of-purchase, advertisement, sampling program, athlete endorsement (Cornil et al. 2017). Strategy 1 In the point-of-purchase sale of Red Bull, certain prominent locations are set. The products are sold in branded refrigerated unit and the van drivers distribute and make sure that the product is available in those points. There are also a team of dedicated people who are engaged in the vehicles which are covered by Red Bull logo and they supply the stock to the various locations. They also make sure that there is proper advertising of the product (Rosenthal and Morin 2016). Strategy 2 Red Bull has also tried to venture in sponsoring athletes to build the brand equity. It is one of the most important tactics and the athletes perceive it as successful and powerful. It is sponsoring sports events such as Red Bull Signature Series. It has also participated in event marketing such as creating and sponsoring events and thus this has enhanced the brand equity and the brand image. It has provided sponsorship in Red Bull Flugtag event, Red Bull Ramoagde, Red Bull Soap Box Race, Red Bull Cape Fear and many more (Schmidt et al. 2017). Strategy 3 The word-of-mouth strategy has involved micro-targeting such as bars, clubs, shops and stores. The youths have also influenced their peer groups after consumption. This has also led to seeding program and created a buzz among the youths. This strategy was adopted in various sports competition and by various opinion and cultural leaders. Moreover placing empty cans in the bars and clubs has also created popularity among the people. It has also applied a strategy in its advertisement which stated that the drink is meant for brave and energetic people. This has helped the company in increasing the sales volume (Wesnes et al. 2017). Conclusion Thus, it can be said that the Red Bull has captured more than 50% of the market share and it has more than $1 billion sales worldwide. The sponsorship marketing strategy adopted by the company has led to increase in its customers. The company has also used various types of advertisement to attract the people. As the product is for the niche market, it has been able to reach only a particular segment of the society. It is necessary that the company must concentrate on sales without compromising the quality. Recommendations In the presence of a large number of competitors in energy drink, red Bull will have to introduce new flavors so as to keep the customers attracted and motivated for their product. It must also use new innovation in packaging which will make the product more attractive. To maintain its identity in the market, it must expose its product in a different way than the other brands. The company must follow the average pricing strategy rather than the high pricing strategy. Moreover, the packaging must be in different sizes so that customers of all segments can purchase the product. The company must also try to focus on celebrity endorsement and it must use sports celebrity to endorse the product and capture the market. References Bryman, A. and Bell, E., 2015.Business research methods. Oxford University Press, USA. Buchanan, L., Kelly, B. and Yeatman, H., 2017. Exposure to digital marketing enhances young adults interest in energy drinks: An exploratory investigation.PloS one,12(2), p.e0171226. Bustin, G.M., Jones, D.N., Hansenne, M. and Quoidbach, J., 2015. Who does Red Bull give wings to? Sensation seeking moderates sensitivity to subliminal advertisement.Frontiers in psychology,6. Cornil, Y., Chandon, P. and Krishna, A., 2017. Does Red Bull give wings to vodka? Placebo effects of marketing labels on perceived intoxication and risky attitudes and behaviors.Journal of Consumer Psychology. Freeman, Becky, Bridget Kelly, Louise Baur, Kathy Chapman, Simon Chapman, Tim Gill, and Lesley King. "Digital junk: food and beverage marketing on Facebook."American journal of public health104, no. 12 (2014): e56-e64. Miles?Chan, J.L., Charrire, N., Grasser, E.K., Montani, J.P. and Dulloo, A.G., 2015. The thermic effect of sugar?free Red Bull: do the non?caffeine bioactive ingredients in energy drinks play a role?.Obesity,23(1), pp.16-19. Rosenthal, T.M. and Morin, D.P., 2016. A little Red Bull may give you wings, but it probably will not affect your Tpe.Anatolian journal of cardiology,15(11), p.923. Schmidt, L., Chandon, P., Pessiglione, M. and Plassmann, H., 2017. Red Bull Gives You Incentive Motivation: Understanding Placebo Effects of Energy Drinks on Human Cognitive Performance.bioRxiv, p.097717. Wen, L., Ni, Y. and Huang, B., 2014, May. Analysis of the Application of Social E-commerce Marketing [C]. InProceedings of the 2012 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Application (ICCIA 2012). Atlantis Press. Wesnes, K.A., Brooker, H., Watson, A.W., Bal, W. and Okello, E., 2017. Effects of the Red Bull energy drink on cognitive function and mood in healthy young volunteers.Journal of Psychopharmacology,31(2), pp.211-221.